This is from an article by a soldier who spent five years in the military including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I’d grown up a lot and learned some pretty hard and important truths along the way, lessons about myself and about other people, lessons that applied as much at home as they did in combat -- and perhaps why our grandfathers were right all along."

Here are his 10 military lessons all men can learn from:

10. Appearance matters. Ironing your uniform, polishing your boots, and shaving twice a day trains you for the real world. This guy was amazed how inappropriately some people dressed for interviews. When you look the part, you act the part

9. You Are What You Eat (and drink). Guys at home eating trash have no excuses, says the man who ate cardboard-tasting rations for months in a desert. "Cook well, eat well, live well."

8. You Can't Do Everything On Your Own. He says the "buddy system" will keep you alive in a fight. "Learn to be a team player and everything runs more smoothly."

7. Value Your Sleep. Sleep deprived soldiers make bad choices. Working 36-hours straight is nothing brag about. Put your head down whenever you can, otherwise you're good to nobody.

6. Confidence is King - Be Decisive. "There's a fine line between arrogance and confidence as there is between stupidity and bravery, but there's no place for uncertainty or hesitancy..."

5. Learn from the Experience of Others. That 'old-timer' knows more than you... respect that fact.

4. There Are Worse Things Than Being Bored. Soldiers that were once keen on seeing some "action" are now quiet and happy back in a rear base. Stop chasing the next thrill -- being bored is not the ultimate sin. Enjoy the time.

3. You Can't Rely on Technology. "To the guys who couldn’t find the party because their iPhone map app wasn’t working: Next time check a real map!"

2. You Always Have More to Give. Few of us have ever really been uncomfortable, really tired, or really in pain. You can always go faster, keep running, and push through barriers. Knowing you have the ability to keep going gives you confidence.

1. Appreciate Your Friends. Servicemen are patriots, but they don't die for their country or God; they do it for the men on either side of them. "We live in an age when 'buddy movies' suggest the height of male friendship is getting a friend out of trouble with a stripper in Vegas. I’ve seen men dead on their feet with exhaustion and knowing the threat outside the gate, stand up and volunteer to go straight back out on patrol because their mates were in trouble -- that’s true 'bromance,' and it’s a precious thing."

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