You can't say that the police in China's Shandong Province are not devoted to their jobs as rescuers. 18 of Shan-dong's finest plunged into the river to rescue a damsel in distress.Police struggle for over an hour to reach the woman who seemed as times to be winking and waving to the rescuers at they advanced with their hoses in hand. Concerned that the woman, who appeared to be fully naked, would soon slip into a hypothermia induced sleep they pushed and thrust their way deeper into the open, wet river. They were relieved when situation finally climaxed and resulted in retrieving of the now limp woman.

Over 1,000 spectators had gathered on a near-by bridge to watch the heroic scene unfold but, about the only thing that unfolded was the woman who police spent the last hour trying to reach. Turns out they blew their wad of energy and man hours on a deflated sex doll. I can imagine the police and fire fighters felt rather stiffed over whole ordeal. The crowd of spectators covered their children's eyes and gasped in horror as they were shocked by what had been reeled in by the rescuers. Maybe they should change their cities name to the Shan-ding-dong Province instead. But, here is a fun fact for the dinner table...did you know that Shandong, said it again, is the world's largest manufacturer of sex toys. Chew on that one for a little bit!

While you maybe thinking the police are a bunch of ding dongs it is not as bad as what happened to a local Shandong reporter. Seems that a family was drilling, for water, when they discovered an unusual mushroom buried in the ground. This mushroom apparently baffled everyone in the community so much so that a local news company sent a reporter our to cover the new mushroom complete with a cameo of the mushroom. Well, they had one thing right it was a mushroom and you can put in your mouth but please don't bite, just nibble. I wonder how long it took for some one to noticed that the new non-edible mushroom was in actuality a fun toy for women?