On Monday the Kentucky protective services dropped by a suburban neighborhood on a welfare complaint. When they walked in the house they found something that left them and us deeply shocked.

The officers found 19 kids, ages ranging from 8 months to 14 years old, leaving in dog feces, with no food, and no air conditioning. In fact officers said it was 101 degrees outside that week.

Apparently, their biological mother had left a week ago, but before she decided to take a trip to Chicago she asked the neighbor to check on the kids!

Her neighbors are now saying that some of the older kids begged for food, because you guessed it right – mom left the home with no food.

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All 19 kids were taken to the hospital and threaded for dehydration. They have being placed in the state protective custody.

The irresponsible mother is now in jail on 14 counts of criminal abuse and five counts of wanton endangerment. The judge refused to set a bail.

The father is on the run and the cops are still looking for him.