2013 hasn't been a very memorable year for most. Sure, there has been a ton of big events that has happened, but it's just not memorable for some reason. I think back to the Boston Bombing, and for whatever reason, I tend to remember it happening in 2012. I have no idea why, the timeline just never really clicks. The exact same goes for Edward Snowden busting out the shear amount of spying our own damn government does on us. 

There really is no reason to not remember these things, but the bulk of us remember this stuff the same way. We talk about something huge that happened, but can't remember exactly when it happened. Is it that we're too susceptible to the media sway, misdirects, and political wagging of the dog? Or is it due to a national media that would rather talk about Miley Cyrus' cooter rather than cover actual stories like the forgotten Benghazi scandal? It bothers me that I don't have a timeline of these huge events burned into my mind. Instead, we remember things based on a visual cue. A picture we saw back in May suddenly pops up, that video from January is remembered, news delivered by POTUS... It takes a cue, and this video is packed full of them. Let's reminisce 2013, a year we'll probably all forget.