Dear state of Florida what is going on with some (most) of your residents? First we have the bath salt/zombie attacks, and now this handsome fellow is pocking a pregnant woman with his sword and is attacking another one with a peanut butter sandwich.

It was just another uneventful day at the Winter Heaven mobile home when an argument between three women angered Mark Christopher Miller, 50. Miller decided that he needed to put an end to the argument while taking rather unorthodox approach to the situation. He emerged from his mobile home holding a 4-foot sword in one hand and a peanut butter sandwich in the other.

One of the women involved in the argument was six months pregnant and Miller pocked her with the sword! Are you kidding us?! A second woman jumped to defend the first one and Miller threatened her life. But when the third woman jumped in to defend the other two – Miller had had it and he simply threw his peanut butter sandwich at her. Gasp – what did the sandwich do to you Miller?

Shortly after the incident, the Florida cops showed up and arrested Miller, who didn’t go down quietly – instead on the way to jail he tore a piece of the car seat with his teeth! We don’t see anything wrong with that after all he never got a chance to finish his peanut butter sandwich!