Another report is out today saying a man high on ‘bath salts’ tried to attack a three-years-old-girl at a playground! What’s going on here?


The North Miami Beach Police released a surveillance video of the attack – the video shows Shane Schuyler taking his cloths off and approaching a little girl. Horrifying!

The accident happened across the street from the police department and officers were able to apprehend Schuyler immediately. After closely examining him, the officers are saying he exhibited signs of being high on the new and extremely dangerous drug ‘bath salts.’

The drug ‘bath salts’ can be legally bought online under names such as ‘Cloud Nine,’ ‘Ocean Snow,’ ‘Red Dove,’ etc. Its chemical composition and the side effects are still unfamiliar to the authorities, but from the recent reports that have emerged they seem to be horrifying.

Watch the surveillance video!