Imagine yourself at the range, taking aim at center mass... You squeeze the trigger, and with a colossal bang, your AR-15 blows up. It's CSI Gun Range time!

Let's start this off with the following... I am, in no way, shape, or form and expert on firearms. Those who come out and shoot the bull with me know I'm an enthusiast who likes to shoot. Don't take any opinion that follows as fact.

A few weeks ago, one of my Oklahoma Shooters Association forum friends posted up that his AR-15 blew apart on him. Naturally, every single member of the forum hopped in with their expert advice, all with a common goal of determining the cause.

After some very heated debates, a definitive answer was never declared... Knowing the upper, lower, bolt carrier group, and barrel are all from reputable manufacturers... and the fact that he had shot 1000 or so rounds through this particular gun before the kaboom... the consensus of opinions point the fault at the ammunition, or rather the depth the projectile was seated.

That leaves us with the ammunition debate and advice. Always know what you're shooting. Whether it's factory, re-loads, or re-manufactured ammo... know what it is. And of course, never shoot re-loads you someone else made. All the same, even one round in a factory case of a thousand can be bad.

If you see something different, go ahead and voice your opinion. We're mostly taking shots in the dark here.

Photo Credit: Gmar - OSA