This past Saturday night (02-18-12) on Z94's Altered State I had the opportunity to speak with Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore and Solient Green! Ben gave us a call to discuss Goatwhore's new album "Blood For The Master" on Metal Blade Records in stores and online now! Released on Valentine's Day to assist in setting the mood! We talked about the new album and their upcoming tour plans for 2012 With Mardi Gra underway and tomorrow being "Fat Tuesday" I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with a fellow coon ass, swamp dwellin' Cajun, bayou lovin' blood brother! Here's the interview with Ben Falgoust of NOLA's Goatwhore!

Goatwhore interview with Ben Falgoust (02-18-12) on Z94's Altered State:

While New Orleans, LA. is best known for jazz, blues, zydeco  and the historical Bourbon Street, Garden District and of course Mardi Gra, New Orleans is also home to some of metal's most influential  bands including: Goatwhore, Down, Eyehategod, Soilent Green, Crowbar, Exhorder, Corrosion Of Conformity and more. The residence and individual artists of the New Orleans metal scene reads like a who's who of metal with names like: Phil Anselmo, Kirk Windstein, Pepper Keenan, Jimmy Bower, Mike Williams and the list could go on and on. Each band has forged a very unique and distinctive sound all their own.

The new Goatwhore album "Blood For The Master" is no exception. With all the elements of trash, old school traditional metal blended with black metal influences both old and new then sifted through that "Louisiana" sound. A thick well rounded and diverse album that has a lot of groove and movement. It's a real head banging, neck breaking, ear bleeding, fist pumping good time! If you had any doubts about how they could possibly follow up their last album "Carving Out The Eyes Of God" those doubts, if any were laid to rest a quarter of the way through the first song. Can't wait to see them out on the road. Here's the tracks that were featured on the show this past Saturday night on Z94's Altered State.


Ask for it by name Goatwhore "Blood For The Master" on Metal Blade Records. A real neck wrecking master piece of Louisiana sludge, creole blackend metal!

Goatwhore "An End To Nothing" from "Blood For The Master".
Goatwhore "Collapse in Eternal Worth" from "Blood For The Master".

I'd like to thank Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore for giving us a call and taking time out to talk with us and Metal Blade Records for the opportunity. For the latest news on the band visit their official site, Facebook or Twitter. You can also get more information, music and merch along with an ass kickin' roster of other great metal bands by visiting Metal Blade Records.