Last night's episode of Betty White's 'Off Their Rockers' was absolutely hilarious! If you weren't tuned in you missed a great skit where this sweet little old grandma was at the mall or somewhere on her scooter. She starts to pass a man who's sitting on a bench and her cell phone rings. The ring tone was death metal! The guy's reaction was funny as hell!

I posted a video earlier this week of a dad's reaction to metal if you haven't seen it yet watch it here. This could very well be the beginning of a whole new viral video fad. People's reactions to heavy metal. The possibilities are endless and there's all kinds of ways this could be done.

If you missed it last night check it out. The metal skit is around (5:52) into the video, jump ahead or kick back, relax and watch the entire episode. Gotta love Betty White and 'Off Their Rockers'.