Beautiful women in bikinis playing hockey, what's not to like? Get ready for the first ever Bikini Hockey League coming to Tulsa, OK soon. This incredibly ingenious ideal is the brain child of Cary Eskridge who back in 2004 during the National Hockey League lock thought bikini hockey was a great way to fill the void and give fans some much needed entertainment.

Time passed and the lock out ended, but this crazy ideal never left Eskridge's mind and he's been waiting for the perfect time to pursue his dream. That time is now! Eskridge is no stranger to hockey he's been an owner and organizer of inline hockey teams as well as leagues for the past twenty years or so. He hopes to further expand the popularity of the sport, introduce new fans to inline hockey and help take it to the mainstream.

With his background in video production Eskridge will begin filming a new reality series that will spotlight the Bikini Hockey League, help raise awareness and could include try outs, the formation of the league's first teams, games and of course hot chicks in bikinis! Don't get the wrong impression the teams will feature women of all skill levels so they're not just pretty faces they can play too. Looking forward to seeing it!

Ladies if you're interested in the Bikini Hockey League and would like to be apart of the reality show submit an application for their casting call by visiting the official site, just click here.