Every year around this time the weather finally starts to cool off a little bit, and the thoughts run wild. After another brutal summer of 110 temps, we can all agree that when daily highs linger in the 70's, we all feel a slight relief. The sun shining down is warm on the skin, the breeze has a little chill to it, and we all have a reason to bust out that fancy fleece we picked up on sale last spring... but eventually, we miss summer

We've had relatively nice weather for the last two or so months. A handful of days have been a little too warm, but overall, good cargo shorts and flops weather. The last two days have been awesomely frigid. I think we actually got down in the teens at Casa de la Kelso yesterday morning, and I loved every minute of it... until I got lost on the internet and stumbled across bikini babes hula hooping on Venice Beach.

Don't get me wrong, there is no bigger fan of yoga pants and sweater puppies on the planet... but you just can't argue with the "awesomeness factor" you're about to witness.