Birds are one of those animals that we never think about, but when we get bored enough, we'll watch them for a bit to pass the time. Now I know what you're thinking, "That's stupid, I've never watched birds"... but think about that for a hot second while I correct you on that.

You're sitting in your car in some random parking lot somewhere around town. You're becoming increasingly impatient while waiting on the person you're suppose to be meeting there. You've exhausted your cell phone entertainment. Nothing new on facebook, you don't want to wait for youtube to buffer on 3/4g, and you've even gone through your list of random people to text and they aren't texting you back. You're officially bored with nothing to do while you wait. You start looking around, hoping to spy someone to people creep on, but nobody is around. There are also no whipped out vehicles in the lot to admire. Then "BAM", you spot two little birds across the lanes dishing it out to each other and you start to wonder "What are those stupid birds fighting about?"... We've all been there.

Well bird watching, in a normal way, has finally hit the youtubes. And I'm not talking about some fancy feathered quarrel between two avian creatures. These birds do some serious thrashing. Whoever the brilliant man was who first thought "I should set some Gibson's out for the birds to perch on" was a genius. Enjoy