Last Sunday (05-29-11) Day #03 of "Rocklahoma" 2011 I had the opportunity to speak with Zakk Wylde of the Black Label Society before they took the "Hard Rock" 2nd stage that evening for what would be a an unforgettable performance.

I'll admit the main reason or band for me making the trip to Pryor, Oklahoma this year was the B.L.S. Despite being in a hurry and running short on time Zakk still stopped by "Radio Row" to say "Hi" and do a quick interview, that's just the kind of guy he is. If you missed them at this year's "Rocklahoma" the Black Label will be out on the road later this summer and touring throughout the Fall, Winter with Judas Priest for the farewell tour along with Thin Lizzy. Looks like the Allen Events Center in Allen, Tx. on Sunday, October 17th 2011 will be the closest date & location to us. It's always a good time talking with Zakk Wylde you never really quite know what he's gonna say or where the conversation will go, there's never a dull moment that's for sure. He's one of the funniest people I've ever met, he absolutely lives by the motto: "Don't take yourself too damn seriously". Here's the interview followed by some great concert pics of Black Label Society live in concert at ROCKLAHOMA 2011

Interview with Zakk Wydle of the Black Label Society:

As soon as the interview was over he left to get ready for the show, Black Label LIVE at 9:45pm that evening. The B.L.S. headlined the "Hard Rock" 2nd stage Sunday night at this year's "Rocklahoma". This was the moment I've been waiting for all weekend long, don't get me wrong all the bands KICKED ASS this Memorial Day weekend but for me it was all about the B.L.S. Zakk and the boys didn't disappoint. From the time they hit the stage to their final song it was pure piss & vinegar, an absolute assault in high energy in your F#@KIN ' face Black Label. Here's the photos, some of them aren't that great others are amazing if I do say so myself. I'm not a professional photographer by any means. Excuses aside here's what it looked like on the front row for B.L.S. LIVE IN ACTION at "Rocklahoma" 2011: