Last night (05-29-11) the Black Label Society headlined the "Hard Rock" stage at this year's "Rocklahoma".  This was the moment I've been waiting for all weekend long, all the bands KICKED ASS this Memorial Day weekend but for me it was all about the B.L.S. Zakk and the boys didn't disappoint. From the time they hit the stage to their final song it was pure piss & vinegar, an absolute assault in high energy in your F#@KIN ' face B.L.S. Check out the video from the front row for "Bleed For Me" LIVE from "Rocklahoma" 2011  Audio is a little distorted due to the close proximity of the speakers. There's only one way to listen to Black Label and that's at 1,000,000 decibels S.D.M.F.

F#@KIN' amazing if I do say so myself, as if Zakk & the boys deliver anything but utterly F#@KING amazing! Here's a few photos of the B.L.S. LIVE IN ACTION we got from the "Hard Rock" stage last night.