The wait is finally over for Ps3 gamers, the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 D.L.C (Downloadable Content) map pack 'Revolution' is now available for purchase! It was released today (03-28-13)

‘Revolution’ is the first D.L.C map pack for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 and features four all new multi-player maps: Hydro, Downhill, Grind and Mirage. There’s also a new zombie map Die Rise, plus an all new zombie mode ‘Turned’ where you get to play the zombies!

As if that wasn’t enough for the first time in Call Of Duty franchise history a new weapon called the Peacekeeper SMG for multiplayer will be included!

Being an Xbox 360 gamer I've been playing the new maps and using the new 'Peace Keeper' SMG for the past month or so. One of the perks of being an Xbox live gamer is getting all the Call of Duty D.L.C's first, where as Ps3, Wii and other formats have to wait a month or so. I'm far too impatient for that!

Having spent some quality time with 'Revolution' I'd say the new D.L.C. is certainly worth the price! Especially if you go the Season Pass route, then you'll save even more money! About $10.00 or so versus buying all the map packs and D.L.C's separately.

My favorite new map would have to be 'Downhill'. There's something about the snow maps I just love! This one's a medium / large map with great sight lines, challenging routes and various cover. The up side to 'Downhill' is with it being in the snow if you're using a descent headset you'll hear the enemy well before you see them, especially if you run the 'Awareness' perk and set up your in game audio for 'Super Crunch'. With this set-up you can sound whore to your hearts content!


The other three maps Mirage, Grind and Hydro are all a lot of fun to play as well. Each present their own unique challenges and flow. I prefer larger maps so 'Downhill' and 'Mirage' stand out as favorites. The smaller maps 'Grind' and 'Hydro' are still fun to play, but due to their size and static spawn locations they can be real difficult to navigate, especially when playing objective modes.

The new 'Peace Keeper' SMG is a great gun! It's a mix of both sub & assault weapons. Kind of the best of both worlds! Put a 'Long Barrel' attachment on it and you'll really wreak havoc! The iron sights will remind you of the Scar and it's movement & rate of fire are similar to the MSMC, similar but different. You can use it as a defensive weapon or run and gun, it seems to perform both well. One of the best things about the 'Peace Keeper' is the light recoil and it's amazing shot spread! This gun is very accurate even with iron sights, it has a laser beam type spread that will keep you on target like a single action or select fire weapon would. You gotta try it out!

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