We finally get some answers from Treyarch, the game developers behind Call Of Duty: Black Ops II on how Call Of Duty: Elite with be integrated into the new Black Ops video game due to be released on (11-13-12)

Call of Duty: Elite got it's start late last year in 2011 when Call Of Duty: MW3 was released. Originally there were two different programs available to gamers, Elite and Premium Elite. One being a free service, the other was a subscription or annual membership.

I have to say that I've never been a big fan of Elite and didn't sign up for the paid subscription to Premium Elite. After hearing back from fellow gamers, reading all the reviews and taking the service on a test drive I'm glad I optioned not to participate. I'd be plenty pissed if I had! To date Premium Elite still hasn't really lived up to expectations, or even to what it was promised to be.

From launch until just recently several of the functions don't perform properly. About the only up side was the original savings Premium Elite was supposed to provide. By purchasing the service users got all the D.L.C's (downloadable content) first and at a reduced price that over time would net savings. Even that has changed, I spent less on my additional map packs and DLC's than Premium Elite members did. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you any more of my disparaging details and thoughts about Elite. Besides it's all about to change!

So what does all this have to do with Call Of Duty: Black Ops II and Elite's integration into the new game? It shows the direction and hopefully improvements to Elite that Treyarch will make, and how they plan to involve various functions of the service into BLOPS II First Elite will be FREE, no more Elite vs Premium Elite. All the services and functions will be available to everyone! That includes clan battles, videos, everything!

You'll be able to continue with your clan from MW3 to BLOPS II Plus Treyarch are including Zombie mode into Elite as well. Watch the video to see how Treyarch will use Elite and exactly how it will be integrated into Black Ops II


After watching the video I think Treyarch are heading in the right direction concerning Elite and it's integration into Black Ops II In my opinion Elite should have been free the entire time with an option to purchase a season pass for the D.L.C's which is exactly what Treyarch is going to do. This will better insure that when a new D.L.C. comes out the playlists will run more efficiently with more players in lobbies with the new maps. If you want a season pass and wish to pre-purchase them you can, or buy them as they're released. They'll be available at the same time regardless of how you do it. Of course you'll more than likely save a few bucks around $10.00 or so if you order a season pass.

Making Elite free will also encourage more clans and participation which is always a good thing. Plus a lot of the core functions such as combat records, performance, heat maps and other relevant information that Elite provides was already accessible through in game menus on the first Black Ops for free!

I'm looking forward to the new game and seeing what other changes Treyarch will make to give us a better gaming experience. Prepare for war!