For the past several months gaming websites, magazines and fans a like have been talking about the return of Black Ops. Being a game geek I've been following all the news and waiting for someone, hell anyone to officially comment or confirm a sequel.

Rumors have turned to reality as we finally have our first look at Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Due to be released on (11-13-12)

Looks like the series will be leaving the Cold War era and heading to the future. Most of what I've seen so far suggests a more modern day to futuristic setting, especially the weapons, environments and missions.

The official reveal contains all campaign or story mode footage, however we should be getting a sneak peek of what to expect in multi-player very soon. Speaking of which, I'm really interested to see how Treyarch the game's developer will incorporate the Call Of Duty Elite and Premium Elite program into the new title. I'm not a huge fan of Elite and hope Treyarch provide the same in game menus and stat availability like they did in the previous Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

More will be revealed as time goes by and we head towards the release date. In the meantime I'm just happy to know we'll be getting another Black Ops to help pass the time during the cold winter months!