War isn't waged the way it used to. With advancements in weaponry, equipment and tactics the new battlefield has evolved into a terrifying and futuristic place with global impact! The new reality of warfare involves technologies that in the right hands provides defense, insures continued prosperity and freedom. In the wrong hands they are a means of mass destruction and death!

Wars will always be fought, won or lost by mankind. Despite technology and the use of unmanned drones, assault robotics and remote controlled weaponry there's always going to a human element to warfare. Someone's got to control these new millennium war machines!

The United States possess the ultimate arsenal of futuristic weapons. But what if they fell into the wrong hands, or through some form of hacking a terrorist or other country managed to take control of these dangerous and lethal weapons? That's the question Treyarch the game developers for Call Of Duty: Black Ops II asked and ultimately decided to make that the theme of their campaign or story mode for the new game due in stores this winter (11-13-12) Treyarch created a short documentary about technological warfare to inject a little realism into the game play and to introduce players to the concept. Check it out!

I can't wait! This looks to be one of the best Call Of Duty titles in franchise history! While we're waiting until November you can still get your C.O.D on! Kill some time, and other players for that matter with our Call Of Duty: MW3 tournament this weekend. Prepare for war as we transform Laugh Out Loud into a virtual battlefield this Saturday, July 14th We’re looking for both teams and individuals to compete for not only bragging rights, but a share of over $2,000.00 in cash and prizes. Get signed up today!

The cost is just $60.00 per team, basically $15.00 per person that’s on the team. We’ll also have the return of our six person ‘Free For All’ which is $20.00 for individuals or only $15.00 if you’re already signed up with a team. Plus every registered player will get special deals on food, games and more at Laugh Out Loud during the tournament!

The tournament will get underway at 12:00pm this Saturday (07-14-12) at Laugh Out Loud (L.O.L.) located at: 6720 N.W. Quanah Parker Trailway. It’s right up the road from the new Wal-Mart and right next door to Jim Norton Toyota. The doors will open at 11:00am for registration, sign ups and check in. Gaming gets underway at 12:00 pm Teams and individual players can preregister here!