Come on Tuesday! It's almost here, the new Call of Duty 'Ghosts' will finally be released (11-05-13) That means time is running out if you're still planning on pre-ordering the game. If you do Infinity Ward, the game developers behind 'Ghosts' will hook you up with a free bonus downloadable map called 'Free Fall'. Click here to pre-order 'Ghosts'. Check out the official game-play trailer of the new map !

Normally I don't pre-order, what's the point? When a new COD title is released there's never a shortage and you'll be able to find it damn near everywhere. However, in recent years there's real benefits to pre-ordering like: exclusive content, swag, maps, camos and other in game goodies. Looks like I'll end up pre-ordering 'Ghosts,' I don't want to miss out on 'Free Fall'.