Well the new Call Of Duty: Ghosts has finally been released! I've managed to rack up about 19 plus hours of in-game play already. Basically I've camped out and played 'Ghosts' practically non-stop for the past few days. Okay, so I took a few days off work to break in the new title. Plus with our 'Ghosts' tournament coming up Saturday, November 16th (11-16-13) I had to find out for myself what maps, modes and load-outs would work best. So I was technically working, game testing for the tournament, yeah that's it game testing. You're welcome!

Prepare for war! We're looking for a few good men and women, both teams and individuals to battle it out for cash, prizes and bragging rights with Z94's Call Of Duty: Ghosts tournament for Xbox 360 It will be held at the Great Plains Coliseum 'Prairie Room' located at 920 South Sheridan Road (11-16-13) CLICK HERE for all the details and to get signed up! This will be one of the very first official and organized 'Ghosts' tournaments around you won't want to miss it. Even if you're not playing stop by and check out the new game.

There's been a lot of positive and of course negative feedback on this latest installment of the Call Of Duty franchise. 'Ghosts' is quite a bit different when it comes to multi-player in that the maps are much, much bigger and multi-layered as well. Several of the new maps feature buildings and structures that are 3 stories, some even 4 stories. Plus there's tons of  windows, cover, numerous sight lines, various obstacles and hiding spots. 'Black Ops II' was certainly a run and gun game, 'Ghosts' requires a little more caution and good tactics to survive.

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I like the new game and have enjoyed my time in multi-player. It can be a little slow depending on what game mode you're playing, with the maps being so big and with only 6v6 you can spend a lot of time searching the maps to find enemies. Sure there's a lot of camping going on right now, but the game's still new and most players are unfamiliar with it. We should see it loosen up in a week or 2

My biggest complaint with 'Ghosts' is the lack of Hardcore modes. We only have Team Death Match, Kill Confirmed and Search and Rescue. That really sucks, but hopefully they'll include Domination and the new Blitzed game mode soon. I really get tired of how the Hardcore community gets screwed!

If you're new to the game you'll want to watch the video below for some helpful tips and tricks on how to survive and get the most out of your gaming. For whatever reason most players are having a difficult time with the game and most has to do with their play style or lack of knowledge when it comes to guns, lethal, equipment and perks.

Check out the video and don't forget THIS WEEKEND IS DOUBLE-XP!