It's a somewhat new low for competitive online gamers, swatting. The way it works is a person, or in this case some butt hurt gamer pranks a local 911 operator into thinking there's a real emergency. The operator then dispatches emergency responders, police and even swat teams to your location. Of course when they show up you have no ideal what they're there for or why your entire neighborhood looks like a huge crime scene.

This story starts when a gamer gets pissed off about getting his ass handed to him in Call of Duty. Not being able to tolerate the fact that he sucks he decides to get even in the real world by tracing his opponent's I.P. address. He then pin points where the person lives and calls the authorities in that area and reports a heinous crime. Then sits back and waits for all hell to break loose when police, swat and the Calvary arrives!