Call Of Duty fans prepare for war! We finally have a look at the all new Special Ops missions "Black Ice" and "Negotiator" as well as the last multi-player map "Black Box" for the Call Of Duty: MW3 "Collection 1" D.L.C "Downloadable Content" due to be released on (03-20-12) for Xbox 360 with other formats to follow.

If you're a premium Elite member you already have access to the new maps and modes, for regular Elite members and everyone else the wait is almost over. The new D.L.C contains 4 multi-player maps and 2 Special Ops missions.  You'll be able to obtain Call Of Duty: MW3  "Collection 1" at various game stores by purchasing code cards or just head to the Xbox Live Marketplace to download the new maps and modes by using various payment options including Microsoft Points.

From what I've seen so far the new D.L.C will accommodate several different styles of game play and preferences. From large to small maps, various environments and interactive points of interest Call Of Duty: MW3 "Collection 1" looks to be well rounded and offers something for everyone. Take a look at the final trailer before the launch that details both the Spec Ops missions and the multi-player map "Black Box". Check it out!