The new D.L.C. (Downloadable Content) for Call Of Duty: MW3 'Collection 2' is now available for Xbox 360 with PS3 and PC to follow. It should be ready for the other formats within the next month or two. We should be getting an exact release date soon.

Getting it first is another reason I prefer Xbox 360 to PC or other consoles. The latest D.L.C. was available first to Elite Premium members, then bundled up and released for everyone else through the Xbox Live Marketplace using standard payment methods, or Microsoft Points. You can also access the new content by purchasing a D.L.C. game code at various gaming stores.

This makes the second D.L.C. collection from Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer games and Raven Software. It includes three all new multi-player/survival mode maps: Sanctuary, Foundation and Oasis. There's also two new special ops missions: Kill Switch and Iron Clad. Brand new to the Call Of Duty franchise the 'Face Off' game mode gets two additional maps with Lookout and Getaway. The entire collection is worth the cost and will surely keep you entertained with all the various maps and modes. You can get it all for just under $15.00 or 1,200 Microsoft Points.


I just recently purchased 'Collection 2' a few days ago and I'll have to say it's one of the better D.L.C's they've released. The new game mode 'Face Off' is a great addition to Call Of Duty: MW3 and helps to break up the boredom of playing the same modes and maps over and over. At first I didn't think I'd like it, but I've really enjoyed it so far. The smaller maps and quick action are a welcome relief, not to mention the change of scenery. We currently have four new maps for 'Face Off'. The first two maps Erosion and Aground are free and can be downloaded any time from the in game menu's for playlists. The other two Lookout and Getaway are a part of the 'Collection 2' D.L.C.

The new mode and maps are a great place to try out different weapons, equipment, perks and tactics. The smaller maps and that it's 1v1 or 2v2 (one player versus another, or two versus two) it really plays quick and the action is pretty much non-stop. Party up with your opponent(s) for even more fun and trash talk!


If you don't have 'Collection 2' yet, get it ASAP you won't regret it! I'm usually on in the evenings so if you're short a member and need to finish out the team, or just want someone to play with hit me up with a friend request CritterRKBA and we'll get to it! I'm a casual player and not the greatest, but I'm always good for a laugh and to take down all aircraft. It's what I live for! What I lack in skill, I make up for in hilarity!

More exciting news! Coming soon we'll be doing another Call Of Duty tournament at Laugh Out Loud! This time we'll be playing MW3 and are looking for both team and individual players to compete in 4v4 team modes and our 3v3 free for all competition. We'll have more details soon, for now mark your calenders for Saturday, June 16th and prepare for war!