The new season of content DLC for Call Of Duty: MW3 kicks of (01-24-12) Tuesday, January 24th 2012 for COD Elite premium members on Xbox 360 with Ps3, PC & other formats to follow. Starting this month & for the next 9 months new content will be released for MW3. Elite premium members will automatically have the new content available on their Xbox 360 consoles & will get the first look at the new maps. You'll also be able to download the DLC using Microsoft Points or by purchasing codes / cards at your local gaming store but at this time I'm unsure if there will be a delay of a few days or more to give Elite premium members there monies worth. I've resisted up to this point becoming an Elite premium member. At launch & even to date the new Elite network has been plagued by problems, a lot of the functions & features haven't worked properly or at all. Since release game developers have been hard at work ironing out all the bugs & issues to get Elite were it needs to be & where it should have been at the start. Several reasons have been given as to why Elite hasn't performed to expectations & when it would be fixed / improved. I'll say it's gotten better over the past couple of weeks & constant improvements / repairs are being made in preparation of the DLC. This is why I rarely if ever pre-order anything especially a new, never before seen or done  add on or game extension like Elite.  Now that things are starting to work as promised it might be time to take another look at Elite premium membership especially with the new DLC coming out. Elite premium membership costs $49.99 a year or 4,000 Microsoft points. According to Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer & Raven you'll save about $10.00 annually by signing up versus purchasing new content or DLC's individually.  The first DLC contains 2 new multi-player maps: Liberation & Piazza check 'em out!

Can't wait to play the new maps! Going forward with the DLC season of content we'll not only get new multi-player maps but new game modes, story extensions, spec op missions & more...Game on bitches!