Prepare for War! This weekend Saturday, July 14th we're transforming Laugh Out Loud into a virtual battlefield! It's Z94's Call Of Duty: MW3 tournament for Xbox 360 We're looking for both teams and individuals to compete for bragging rights and a share of over $2,000.00 in cash and prizes! It's time to separate the mouthy from the mighty!

The tournament will get underway at 12:00pm this Saturday (07-14-12) at L.O.L. located at: 6720 N.W. Quanah Parker Trailway. It's right up the road from the new Wal-Mart and right next door to Jim Norton Toyota. The doors will open at 11:00am for registration, sign ups and check in. Teams and individual players can preregister here!

The cost is just $60.00 per team, basically $15.00 per person that's on the team. We'll also have the return of our six person 'Free For All' which is $20.00 for individuals or only $15.00 if you're already signed up with a team. Plus every registered player will get special deals on food, games and more at Laugh Out Loud during the tournament!


Tournament features 4v4 team objective competition with 'Capture The Flag' and 'Search And Destroy'. Standard M.L.G. rules apply to all load-outs, perks, equipment, weapons and attachments. Please note that you are required to bring your own corded Xbox 360 controller and headsets. Also Call Of Duty: MW3 is rated ‘M‘ for mature, which means if you are under 18 years of age we will require a parent or guardian's signature on the registration / consent form prior to playing.


Here are some brief details outlining the 4v4 team objective game modes that will be played at the tournament.


Round length: 5 minutes Score Limit: Unlimited Respawn delay: 7.5 seconds Note: The winner is determined by the flag count. In the event of a tie, the overtime tie-breaker will not be used, the map must be replayed until a winner is found.


Round Length: 2.5 Minutes Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds Plant Time: 7.5 Seconds Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds Score Limit: 4 Points Round Switch: Every Round

The 6 person 'Free For All' will abide by the same M.L.G. rules as it pertains to load-outs, perks, equipment, weapons and attachments. The maps will randomly rotate. Only the original core sixteen MW3 maps will be used, no DLC's will be included in the rotations.

Now you have an ideal of what to expect, so get to practicing and we'll see you this Saturday at Laugh Out Loud for our Call Of Duty: MW3 tournament. GOOD LUCK!