All too often, conversations have been turning into ugly immigration debates. It's a hot topic these days, makes you wonder if you can even pass a citizenship test.

I passed this little test around my circle of friends. Both military and non-military, and the results were sort of shocking. The first thought I had was "This cannot be an actual sample test a person would take for citizenship," but apparently it's pretty close.

I had always thought the tests were next to impossible. My 8th grade civics teacher was from Canada. She used to tell us horror stories about the path to becoming a citizen. Ridiculous exams and requirements... Things must have changed over the last twenty years.

Looking around at the US Citizenship and Immigration Service website, it just might be that dang easy.

Go ahead and see how 'American' you are, click here to take the test.

In full-disclosure style, I straight missed one question. Let's see how you do.