Bicyclists Finds Puppy on Bike Ride and Takes it Home [VIDEO]
WARNING: Cuteness overload! A bicyclist was out on a ride and found a puppy in a box abandoned on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. He took it home and helped find it a forever home. A good guy and I bet by the time someone steps forward to take the dog he'll rethink it and decide …
Cute Pig Running Around the Yard Doing Circles [VIDEO]
WARNING: The following video contains scenes of extreme cuteness and may cause cuteness overload in some viewers. This baby pig is having the time of it's life running around the yard doing circles. It's never good dinner etiquette to play with your food, but it's perfectly acceptable to watch your …
Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pets [VIDEO]
Just a reminder during this joyous season, don't forget your pets this holiday season. While they don't know the difference between Christmas and Chanukah, make sure they are remembered, if not just for the comedy value, this holiday.
Guys Take a Selfie with a Bald Eagle [VIDEO]
Two Canadian guys were out and about when they spotted a Bald Eagle caught in a trap. The guys saw the wounded eagle and moved in on it, removed their jackets, and then wrapped the bird to prevent it from moving. Then, they freed its talon from the trap but not before taking a selfie.

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