Cat Wears a GoPro [VIDEO]
One of the best GoPro videos I've seen yet! Get a first person point of view of what it's like to be a cat for a day. This family attached a GoPro to their cat and the video it captured is amazing! I'm more of a dog person, but I don't think I'll ever look at cats the same w…
Great White Shark Attacks Divers in Shark Cage [VIDEO]
This video show just how fast a great white shark can attack. These guys were in a shark cage when out off nowhere it came in and tried to get the divers in the cage. This will give you a whole new respect for the great white shark. I had no idea they could move so fast! If any part of their bodies …
Man and Penguin Are Best Friends [VIDEO]
WARNING: Cuteness overload! Some friendships can last forever! This man saved a penguin years ago and it comes back to visit every year. Who wouldn't want a penguin as a friend, how cool would that be?
No Black Cats For Halloween
It sounded kinda strange that Lawton Animal Welfare and the Humane Society would restrict the adoption of black cats till after Halloween.  Recently published news reports site the idea that some people may abuse or sacrifice these animals around the holiday.
Oakley The Owl Wishes Everyone a Happy HOWLloween [VIDEO]
As Halloween draws near, humans and animals alike are getting into the "spirit". Lets us introduce you to Oakley the great horned owl, who, while recovering at the Eagle Valley Raptor Center near Cheney, Kansas, learned to imitate his bff, a musical, mechanical owl.
Man Makes Friend of Seal That Jumped in His Boat [VIDEO]
WARNING: Cuteness overload! This baby seal just jumped into this guy's boat and it looks like they're quickly becoming best friends. I guess the seal was tired of swimming and decided to take a ride on the boat. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

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