Critter Cologne- Smell Like a Man! [VIDEO]
Fair warning, you won't be able to unsee what you've seen so proceed with extreme caution! Here's the commercial for my new men's cologne 'Eau De Critter.' Just throw it on and you too can smell like a man!
Epic Trick Shot- Lighting a Firecracker With a Bullet! [VIDEO]
With this Saturday being the Fourth of July it's the perfect time to do this epic trick shot. It's as American as it gets, firearms and firecrackers what a way to celebrate your independence! Watch in amazement as I ignite the fuse on a firecracker with a bullet.
Nothing is Boring in SWOK
Mountains, lakes, rivers, resorts, etc... If you're bored in SWOK, chances are you're just boring. Time to cut loose and explore the awesome nature around you.

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