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Employees Get $7,500 From Boss to Take a Vacation
Right about now you are sitting reading this with a beer in one hand and a tornado of thoughts about your crappy boss and your suck day. How could that sorry S.O.B. make me stay late to handle his B.S. or something of that nature, right? Maybe you should print this article out and staple it to his f…
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Administrative Professional Week Prize Giveaway
Z94 wants to help you say 'Thank You' to your employees with our Administrative Professional Week Giveaway. Enter in our contest for a chance to win a bouquet of flowers from Scott’s House of Flowers and lunch for 2 from Mutt’s German Restaurant.
Apple is Number One, Number Two?
In news that would make Steve Jobs proud, Apple has been named America’s most profitable retailer, beating out other powerhouses like Tiffany & Co., GameStop and Select Comfort.

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