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A Very Motivating Speech from Shia LaBeouf [VIDEO]
I'm pumped! I'm going to go out and make my dreams come true, I'm going to do it, whatever it is. This has to be one of the most intense, motivating speeches I've ever heard! Shia LaBeouf cuts through and makes contact where other motivational speakers fail.
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guide to Blowing Stuff Up! [VIDEO]
You could win the opportunity of a lifetime to fly out to Los Angeles, California and blow stuff up with the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger! Not only will it be a great time, but for a great cause. The "Blow S#!t Up With Arnold" campaign is a fundraiser to benefit after sc…
The Big Bang Theory Salutes Nimoy
Chuck Lorre may insist upon his vanity cards ending all of the episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but even he is willing to give up the prime spot to honor a man who was clearly one of the inspirations for the series and its characters: Leonard Nimoy.
Harrison Ford Hospitalized Following Plane Crash in California
This is absolutely harrowing news: iconic actor and living legend Harrison Ford has been critically injured in a plane crash. The plane crash-landed in Venice, California today and Ford was subsequently rushed to the hospital where his condition is currently critical. Ford, who’s been reprisi…

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