Shocking Original Ending to ‘Miracle of 34th Street’ [VIDEO]
Warner Brothers just released the shocking footage of the original ending to 'Miracle on 34th Street'. In this special edition director's cut you get to see what the ending of the movie was going to be before they decided to edit it. I myself find it to be a much better ending and think they should …
Our Christmas Eve Tradition
Christmas Eve is here. The last push to get everything done. For some that means gifts or making a trip to the grocery store. Yes, even those last minute Christmas cards. When the clock strikes twelve tonight you can take a deep breath and say "I did it."
Twerking Around The Christmas Tree [VIDEO]
It's sure to be the next big Christmas hit, 'Twerking Around The Christmas Tree'. If not the song, the video is sure to be a big hit. Or at least around certain circles anyway. What's not to like? Hot chicks twerking and dancing around spreading a little holiday cheer! Christmas …
10 Great Ideas for Donations to Your Local Food Bank
This time of year, food banks are working extra hard to keep their shelves stocked. If you're in a charitable mood, you might be wondering what exactly these charities are looking for in the way of donations. A recent thread on Reddit explored just that. Numerous commenters with experience either wo…
Where Christmas Presents Really Come From [VIDEO]
Ever wonder where all those Christmas presents really come from? This shocking video shows the truth! All this time I thought Santa Claus or someone else was responsible for all the presents, turns out I was wrong, dead wrong!

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