An American Football Coach in London [VIDEO]
A funny video from NBS Sports Network that shows the differences between American and European football. A promo of sorts for the Premier League soccer that will air on NBC and NBC Sports Network starting (08-17-13) The video stars Jason Sudeikis as Coach Lasso who's just arrived in England to coach…
SNL: Martha Stewart Joins
The past week has seen no shortage of jokes concerning Martha Stewart joining, but there was no way SNL wasn't going to get in on this action. After all, what kind of comedy variety show would it be if it didn't let one of the cast members break out a Martha Stewart impression?
The Best Dove Beauty Sketches Parodies
Surely you've seen this ad from Dove, in which a forensic sketch artist draws women as they describe themselves, then as other women describe them, then everybody starts crying? If not, it's here for the watching, just to give you some context before we settle in to what this is really all…

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