Oklahoma Native, Actor James Garner, Dead At 86.
Actor James Garner passed yesterday in his home in Brentwood, CA, of apparent natural causes. Born James Scott Baumgarner in Norman, OK, Garner was a Purple Heart recipient, serving in the Army during the Korean War.
Garner's acting career began in 1954 with a non-speaking role in the Broadway p…
Nike Shows Derek Jeter Some Re2pect!
Love him or hate him, there's no denying Derek Jeter's place in baseball history. And with tonight's MLB All-Star game being the 40-year-old's last, Nike has unveiled its tribute commercial that will air tonight before Jeter's final at-bat.
Sex Toys and Firearms- A Serious Yet Funny Gun Safety PSA [VIDEO]
so what do firearms and sex toys have in common? You're about to find out! It's hard to imagine a funny gun safety video, after all it's a pretty serious subject. The creators wanted to stress the importance to keeping guns away from kids, but wanted to do it in a memorable and unique…
Thought Provoking Interactive Anti-Texting and Driving Ad [VIDEO]
The last two times I was involved in an accident the person who hit me was either on their phone or texting. Luckily for me they were both low speed collisions and one was in a parking lot. It's estimated that texting and driving or mobile phone use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel…

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