Hilarious Parody Commercial- Bring me a Beer [VIDEO]
This has to be one of the sexist, yet funniest parody commercials I've ever seen! We've all been there, comfortably sitting on the Lazy-Boy or couch watching T.V and needed another beer, snack, Pepsi, sandwich or God forbid trying to find a missing remote. What do you do in that situation?
Godzilla Is Actually a Really Cool Guy in New Snickers Ad
Did you know that when he's not rampaging through cities and laying waste to the countryside, the legendary beast known as Godzilla is actually a really cool guy who likes to party, hang out with his buddies and play a mean game of ping pong? That's the one joke in a new Snickers ad, but t…
The Funniest Tattoo Commercial You’ll Ever See [VIDEO]
It must be commercial day, for whatever reason every time I get online I keep finding funny or unusual commercials. If you haven't seen the super sexy Norway Olympic P.S.A. check it out here! Anyway I was watching some videos on YouTube and I stumbled across this one. It's the absolute fun…

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