Canadian Commercial for 2014 Winter Olympics [VIDEO]
The C.I.D.I (Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion) an equality rights organization has started a major controversy with their latest L.G.B.T (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) P.S.A centered around the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Set Yourself Free- The Scary as Hell Australian Education P.S.A [VIDEO]
Most stay in school P.S.A's (Public Service Announcements) are filled with role models, known celebrities, rock stars and athletes who encourage young people by inspirational words of wisdom. Most hinge on the edge of annoying and are littered with all kinds of flowery imagines and touchy feely subj…
Newcastle’s Failed Super Bowl Campaign is Downright Hilarious
While it's technically not an actual part of the official roster of Super Bowl 2014 commercials, Newcastle's multi-part documentary starring Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson in the beer company's failure of trying to make an ad for the big game is a huge, hilarious parody of the who…

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