Pinterest Aids in Helping Police Nab Criminals
Never underestimate the power of the internet or its users: it may sound crazy, but the social network Pinterest, aka the place where you can find a cute-sy cashmere sweater and a recipe for caramel fudge brownies, has helped local Pennsylvania police departments catch criminals.
Wrestler Robs Store With Three Ostriches! [VIDEO]
This is without a doubt one of, if not the most bizarre robberies of all time! I've seen plenty of stupid criminal videos in my time, but this one takes it to an all new level! Just imagine you stop by the local 'Shop-N-Rob' for a cold drink, maybe a candy bar, or possibly to fill up. Then out of no…
Aurora Shooting Ignites National Gun Control Debate!
While the topic of gun control certainly isn't a new subject the recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado has ignited a national debate concerning gun rights, self defense laws and the Second Amendment. Both sides of the argument express their opinions and passionately debate over the issues pro an…

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