Watch as Two Crooks Pull Off the Crime of the Century! [VIDEO]
I've seen a lot of things, but this one is new to me! A surveillance camera captures a couple of thieves in the act. These guys are beyond bold and the caper they're trying to pull off could be the crime of the century. If not it's certainly the crime of the decade, year or week.
Two Tulsa Officers Arrested For Murder
Two Tulsa police officers, Shannon Kepler and Gina Kepler, who both have served 24 years on the force were arrested on the night of Aug. 5 for the murder of Jeremy Lake, a 19-year-old who was dating their daughter, Lisa Kepler.
Google Maps Busted Two Guys About to Rob a House in Oklahoma City
Back in July of 2011, a woman in Oklahoma City came home and found two men in her house.  They held her at gunpoint for an hour while they tore the place apart, stole some stuff, then left.  And the police never caught them.
Now, three years later, there's finally a lead thanks to Goog…

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