Improv Everywhere Creates Black Friday Buzz for Dollar Store
Black Friday brings out some of the most hilariously strange antics of us Americans. On Thanksgiving we give thanks for all the great stuff in our lives, and just hours later, we're waiting in massive lines and getting in spats with fellow consumers over the latest deals on video games. That&ap…
The 10 Best Skeleton Dances Ever
Videos of old-timey skeleton dances are the best way to get a little spook-ified before Halloween without accidentally soiling yourself. That is a fact -- you can ask anybody. Oh, thanks for asking. Yes, that is a fact. From PBS to Disney and beyond, here are the best skeleton dances EVER to get you…
Another Reason I Stay Away From The Beach [VIDEO]
You never know what you will see when you go to beach and the people that were at St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Australia got treated to quite a show by Sandy Andy. Nothing like a great beat of a song and a sparkly speedo. Awwwww Summer is just around the corner!

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