Kids Have a Lot of Opinions on Dubstep [VIDEO]
Dubstep is the hot new dance trend that’s sweeping the internet.
The most popular video, featuring Marquese Scott dancing to a dubstep remix of Foster the People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks,’ has close to nine million views on YouTube. And kids j…
Dancing Snail Likes to Move It, Move It [VIDEO]
Snails may have plenty of junk in the trunk but when it comes to shaking what God gave them, it’s all in the antennae. And boy did God give this dancing snail a sweet pair of those.
Check him out as be bobs his antennae to the beat of Reel 2 Real’s classic hit &lsqu…
Watch the Evolution of Dance in Over 100 Movies [VIDEO]
Hot on the heels of the awesome movie supercuts 25 Unscripted Scenes and 50 Trippiest Drug Hallucinations comes another epic montage from YouTuber extraordinaire Mewlists. This one covers the evolution of dance in film over the past 89 years. To say stars have stepped it up would be an understatem…
Security Guard Dances Up A Storm In Tampa[VIDEO]
It seems at sporting events the mascots always pick on the Security Guards that are trying to do their jobs and keep the players safe. Well one Security Guard in Tampa finally decided to play along and after further research it seems he is a repeat offender !