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Watch Neil Patrick Harris’ 2013 Emmy Monologue
Thought Neil Patrick Harris would open the 2013 Emmy Awards ceremony with a lavish musical number? Well, that didn't happen ... yet. Instead, Harris' opening sketch was an depiction of what most of us were probably all doing the week before -- binge watching every series.
Ben Affleck to Direct and Produce ‘The Middle Man’ for FOX
Though Ben Affleck is surely in training to put on the cape and cowl for his turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming 'Batman Vs. Superman' movie, the Oscar-winning filmmaker has just lined up his next directorial assignment. The catch is it's for the small screen, as he will be pro…
Audio Visionary Ray Dolby Dies at 80
Audio recording visionary Ray Dolby has passed away from leukemia at the age of 80. Dolby, who co-invented video tape recording and founded Dolby Laboratories, leaves behind one of the most important legacies in audio history.

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