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Coming to Starz- Ash vs Evil Dead [VIDEO]
Hail to the king baby, Bruce Campbell returns with Ash Vs. The Evil Dead! The new show will premiere on the Starz channel Halloween night! I can't think of a better way to celebrate All Hallows Eve. It's gonna be a blood soaked thrill ride...I can't wait!
Nanacy Grace Fails Compilation [VIDEO]
I can't stand this woman! Nancy Grace is a joke and without a doubt one of the worst television reporters and personalities around. She constantly allows her prejudices and preconceived notions to override any real reporting. She's be wrong more than right, she repeatedly opens her mouth and let's h…
Kardashian Hating News Anchor Looses it on Air! [VIDEO]
This news anchor expresses what we all feel about the Kardashians. During an entertainment segment the subject of the reality T.V. family came up once again, and it was once to many for this guy to handle! He's tired of talking about them and honestly we're all tired of hearing about them.

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