The Old Water Balloon on the Trampoline Trick [VIDEO]
Summer's almost here and soon we'll be sweltering in the S.W. Oklahoma heat. Mother Nature can be quite the moody bitch during the Summer months and you can beat we'll have hundred degree days for weeks at a time. So what do you do to cool off?
Lawton Snowpocalypse 2014 – A Snowy Super Bowl Sunday! [VIDEO]
Thanks to that moody b!t@# Mother Nature Super Bowl Sunday is looking a lot more like the Winter Olympics! By now surely you've looked out the front door or window and witnessed the Snowpocalypse. All of Lawton, Ft. Sill is covered in snow and not just a little, it dumped about a foot of the wh…
The Greatest Son Ever- Mom’s Going to the Super Bowl! [VIDEO]
This is the greatest video I've ever seen (this week). This guy is definitely up for the greatest son ever award, at least in my book! This is what it looks like to be a good son, he bought his mom tickets to this year's Super Bowl, PLUS airfare, hotel accommodations and even invited along…

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