Super Easy Recipe Using Thanksgiving Leftovers
The Thanksgiving holiday is over and you’re looking at half a bird wondering what in the world are you going to do with all these leftovers; turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes… My sister found a quick and easy casserole recipe for all those Thanksgiving leftovers.
Have Your Thanksgiving Dinner In A Bucket
It's Thanksgiving and as your pilling your plate full of turkey, potatoes, gravy, vegetables and cranberry sauce, sometimes that pile on your plate begins to meld and touch each other. So to avoid the inevitable touching of food, go ahead and mix it all with 'Thanksgiving in a Bucket.&apos…
Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day in Lawton (2014)
With the Thanksgiving holiday just about here, the insane time has come to get prepared for the food, fun and all of the in laws and other people that will embark upon your home for a meal. With that said, this might be the time to say 'I am not cooking this year...
2014 Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner Rises
The American Farm Bureau Federation publishes the cost of an average family's average Thanksgiving dinner each year.  This year the cost is $49.41, up 37 cents from last year.
Our family spends, on average, $170 a week on groceries.  Thanksgiving will take up 30% of our weekly budget..…
Who Has the Best BBQ in Lawton? [POLL]
Ever since Branding Iron closed last year, I've almost completely cut out eating BBQ. That was my Go-To BBQ joint for almost a decade. I loved that place so much, I haven't had a taste for smoked meat since.
I'm a creature of habit. It's not that I'm stubborn and refuse to tr…

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