No Black Cats For Halloween
It sounded kinda strange that Lawton Animal Welfare and the Humane Society would restrict the adoption of black cats till after Halloween.  Recently published news reports site the idea that some people may abuse or sacrifice these animals around the holiday.
The Worst Halloween Candy Ever! [VIDEO]
Go behind the scenes with the Smosh crew for their 'Every Halloween Ever' video. If you haven't seen it yet watch it here. There's tons of bloopers, out takes, cut scenes and hilarity to go around!
Halloween Costumes- Expectation Vs. Reality [VIDEO]
This video shows the heartbreaking truth of Halloween costumes expectation Vs. Reality. Weeks before Halloween most of us suffer from visions of grandeur, we're going all out this year with an EPIC and one of a kind costume. Then as days go by and after several failed attempts on our costume we…
Trick or Treat Etiquette
This year, with Halloween on a Saturday, there will be lots of treats to be given and a few tricks to remember when knocking on a new door.  The 'official' Trick or Treat times in Lawton are from 6p-8p.  That's when the most candy will be available and the most people will b…
The Worst Halloween Zipper Face Makeup Tutorial Ever! [VIDEO]
This has to be the worst makeup tutorial I've ever seen, they tried and FAILED! These two are trying to apply the zipper face makeup, you know the gore and blood zombie type makeup that looks like you've got a zipper going down your face. If you're need help on how to do that, move al…
The Halloween Whopper Prank [VIDEO]
A hilarious prank pulled on an unsuspecting grandpa, behold the Burger King black Whopper prank! Turns out people freak out when they think they've been poisoned, who knew?
100 Years Of Halloween Costumes in 3 Minutes [VIDEO]
It's hard to believe, this Saturday is Halloween! For me it's one of the greatest holidays around, if not the greatest! I love everything about it. All the candy, horror films, scare pranks, parties and of course all the costumes. The Halloween costume has like everything else evolved over the years…
Carving Pumpkins with Guns and Explosives [VIDEO]
So we saw a video online last week of someone trying to carve a pumpkin with a 22 rifle... That's cute, but how would a man carve a pumpkin with his favorite firearm? We loaded up and put these colorful squashes to the ultimate test!

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