Brushing Your Teeth to Meshuggah! [VIDEO]
There's nothing more metal than brushing your teeth. Good oral hygiene is about as metal as it can get. Wait, what? I know you're thinking "he can't be serious." Okay so brushing your teeth isn't that metal, but it could be.
7 Reasons to Have More Sex According to Science [VIDEO]
Good news, science has proven that having more sex is good for you! As if we needed more reasons to have sex. There's all kinds of benefits to the human body from having sex from exercise, burning calories, boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure and even relieving headaches! So th…
What Happens When You Pop and Crack Your Knuckles? [VIDEO]
So the internet isn't just about crazy Russians, cats and porn. On occasion you might actually learn something. Of course speaking for myself it's not only occasionally but accidentally! Every now and then I'll be scrolling through articles and videos when something pops up out of the…

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