17 Year Old Kid Flys an R.C. Plane Like a Boss! [VIDEO]
This has to been one of the greatest not to mention craziest R.C. plane demonstrations I've ever seen! This seventeen year old kid shows up at his very first R.C. plane tournament and destroys the competition with some incredible stunts and absolutely insane flying skills.
Virtual Car Show – Week 5 Competition
Congratulations to our Week 4 Winner! Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams won the fourth week of our Virtual Car Show! Jerry submitted his 1969 Chevy Chevelle. Jerry said: "I bought this car in 1986 it was a beater. Over the years I, with the help of a few people, have restored this car to what …
Virtual Car Show – Week 4 Competition
Congratulations to our Week 3 Winner! Bob Caillet
Bob Caillet won the third week of our Virtual Car Show! Bob submitted his 1941 Chevy. Bob said: "This is an old Ohio car that has seen it's share of snow, ice and salt. I brought it to Oklahoma in 2000 and gave her a new look."…
Virtual Car Show – Week 3 Competition
Congratulations to our Week 2 Winner! Travis Tollett

Travis Tollett won the second week of our Virtual Car Show! Travis submitted his 2009 Nissan Titan. Travis said "Handicap accessible Nissan Titan airbagged & laying frame on 26" wheels hand control operated carbon fiber interior cus…
10 Unbelievable Kite Videos for Kite Flying Day
Most of us have had an unusually mild winter, so having ‘Kite Flying Day’ in February doesn’t seem like that bad an idea. Any other year, and the annual return of Kite Flying Day on February 8th would seem sad for those of us who can’t go out and…
Virtual Car Show – Week 2 Competition
Here are the competitors for week #2. Vote for your favorite buy clicking in the circle next to your favorite. The one with the most votes by midnight on Sunday February 12th wins

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