If Horror Movies Were Realistic [VIDEO]
It's a pretty accurate depiction of what would happen if horror movies were more realistic. The Official Logan Paul have created yet another hilarious short, it never gets old!
Halloween Set To Rob Zombie – Epic [VIDEO]
Every year, the ladies costumes get smaller and sexier. The guys costumes get more bitchin', and the slasher/gory stuff redefines the stickiest of the icky every single year. This is truly a guys holiday.
Elvira’s ‘Two Big Pumpkins’ [VIDEO]
Elvira Mistress of the Dark is back! The hostess with the mostess has returned with an all new song and music video for 'Two Big Pumpkins.' This latest offering is a monstrously macabre musical number that's all treats and no tricks. It's sure to make this Halloween the brea…
Top 5 Must Watch Horror Films [VIDEO]
Hard to believe it's already October, Fall is on the way, the temperatures are getting cooler and before you know it Halloween will be here! For me Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas. The decorations, candy, costumes, parties and of course horror films!
The Scary Snowman Halloween Special [VIDEO]
He's back! Everyone's favorite frozen, frosty friend. Not Frosty, Scary Snowman! It might not be snowing yet, but that hasn't stopped Scary Snowman from hitting the streets and terrorizing anyone and everyone that happens to walk by. Watch the Halloween  special and see the …
Monster Mirror Halloween Prank From Pepsi Max [VIDEO]
An awesome Halloween scare prank from Pepsi Max. These guys have come up with some of the best and funniest videos around. Remember the Jeff Gordon test drive? If not click here and give it a watch. Well Pepsi Max is back at it again!
Fireworks 101: Never Light an Artillery Shell Indoors! [VIDEO]
While I'm sure alcohol was involved, after all no sober, sane person thinks it's a good ideal to light an artillery shell in your garage with all the doors shut and locked. These guys get a lot more than they expected! For your safety and the safety of others follow fireworks 101 and don&a…
Indoor Fireworks- The Popper Prank [VIDEO]
Payback's a b!t@h! Last week Kelso finally pranked me, he threw a popper at me in my office. You know those little fireworks that you throw on the ground and they pop. If you haven't seen the video yet check it out. Now these poppers aren't the small waste of time and money we've all fallen victim t…

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