Z94’s Soldier Of The Week — Paul Flemming [PHOTO]
To all our service men and women here and abroad Z94 salutes you! To show our thanks and appreciation for all you and your families do we've teamed up with local and area businesses to bring you Z94's "Soldier Of The Week".
Why Are Some of the Flags Flying at Half Staff Today?
I received a call this morning asking why I hadn't mentioned the flags flying at half staff today. I was not aware of the situation so first I Googled it, then I took to Facebook to find out.
Flags are being flown on state owned properties in honor of our Vietnam Veterans. Here  is a copy o…
Why Have I Never Heard of ‘Dogs on Deployment’?
I recently saw a headline that read "I Have Chills After Watching This!" well, of course I'm going to click on it. That's when I saw a Queen Latifah video showcasing 'Dogs on Deployment'. Here is your WARNING! Go grab a BUNCH of tissues before watching the video.
Marcus Luttrell Teaches CNN’s Jake Tapper a Lesson [VIDEO]
If you haven't seen it yet you've gotta watch this intense back and forth between Marcus Luttrell and Jake Tapper of CNN. Earlier this week Luttrell was on the network with Mark Wahlberg to promote the 'Lone Survivor' movie that's based on his book. Both tell the true story …

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