10 Heartwarming Holiday Soldier Homecomings
The Christmas season is the happiest time of year. We get to spend extra time with our family and friends, and there are endless supplies of cookies. While these few weeks are filled with tons of cheer, it's also the sappiest time of year, especially in the good ol' USA. It's the ideal time for over…
Parade Honoring Veterans Turns Deadly [VIDEO]
On the eve that Lawton-Fort Sill came together in support of the Armed Services YMCA, over 300 miles to the Southwest tragedy struck in the city of Midland, TX at a parade honoring veterans.
10 Returning Soldiers Reuniting With Their Dogs
Veteran's Day is one of the greatest American holiday, because we get to celebrate those who have and are still serving our country. It's one of the greatest sacrifices; these men and women are leaving their loved ones to risk their lives for us. For that, we give them a sincere thank you.
Free Meals and Discounts for Veterans
America is giving a big thank to all our active and retired servicemen. Many businesses in town will be giving away free meals and special discounts as thanks for your service. To get these special deals from your local favorite restaurants simply show a form of military ID...
Z94’s Soldier Of The Week- Anthony Rock
To all our service men and women here and abroad Z94 salutes you! To show our thanks and appreciation for all you and your families do we've teamed up with local and area businesses to bring you Z94's "Soldier Of The Week".

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